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3 Bangs For Your Butt Junior Dildo Out Of Stock

3 Bangs For Your Butt Junior Dildo

The mighty 3 Bangs for your Butt dildo proved to be our biggest ever selling toy. It topped sales of all our big toys, through its great, BIG design and quality. Now, they have designed a small version for those of you whose eyes just watered at the sight of the original Hand pou..


American Bombshell B7 Warhead Gun Metal Large Dildo

Looking for bigger and better, The Warheads triple ripples give intense stimulation, and with a girthy yet sleek shaft, the 7 inch will excite even the most experienced users...


American Bombshell Ballistic 10 Inch Dildo

For those seeking serious action, the Ballistic packs wallop at 10 inches of heavily ribbed shaft with a wide girth and plush balls...


Andromede Huge Suction Cup Dildo

Super large dildo with suction cup and big ridges for extra stimulation..


Baseball Banger Dildo

The new Baseball Banger is actually shaped like a baseball bat. The balls are baseballs too. Score a home run with this BIG new sex toy. Baseball Banger is 12 inches long 10.5 inches insertable, 1.5 inch thick 5 inches around at the base, and 2.5 inches thick 7.75 inches around a..


Belladonnas Bitch Fist Realistic Dildo

She's the kinkiest girl in porn. And when she makes a fist, she knows exactly where its going. Get as nasty as you want to be with Belladonnas Bitch Fist. An exact replica cast from the superstar herself, it's made in the USA by Doc Johnson and is latex free, anti bacterial Sil A..


Belladonnas Magic Hand Realistic Dildo

Belladonna is one of the naughtiest, filthiest stars around and she's proud of it!Now you can buy a perfect replica of her shapely hand, poised in a perfect fisting position - use a generous amount of lube and easy her gently into you for the ultimate fisting - perfect for ad..


Bendable Winky Dildo

The Bendable Winky is a pliable dildo that you can bend into any desired direction to insure total satisfaction. The Bendable Winky had a gloriously seductive length of 28cm with 4cm of width and is formed in PVC. This whopping dildo is perfect for anal play as well as vaginal pl..

Big Jake Large Dildo Out Of Stock

Big Jake Large Dildo

Big Jake, a new sensational giant dildo that measures a gorgeously pleasing 27cm in pummelling length, and a mighty stretching 7.5cm in invading thickness. Big Jake is constructed from a firm yet slightly pliable PVC, and the balls are not too big so is great for use as a handhel..


Bum Boner Butt Plug

The new Bum Boner anal plug will be a big hit with bum fun fans. A bit bigger than your common or garden butt plug, the Bum Boner is 9 tall 6 and a half inches insertable, 1 and three quarters inches wide 5 and a half inches around at the head, and 3 yes, three inches around 9 an..

Caterpillar Dildo Out Of Stock

Caterpillar Dildo

By popular request, were thrilled to offer the latest giant dildo from the Caterpillar...



This gives a whole new meaning to its a dogs life Clifford is an Anatomically Correct Dog Penis, it is a top quality toy and lots of fun for those with an adventurous or kinky spirit..


Clifford Narrow Dog Penis With Suction Cup

You'll be barking in delight and wagging your tail with sheer pleasure once you get down and dirty with this doggie dong. Cleverly based on the shape of a canine penis, now its easier than ever to indulge your dog fantasies. The smooth shaft has no extra veins or detailing, ensur..


Clifford Wide Dog Penis With Suction Cup

Realistic looking dog shaped penis but now with a suction cup base for hands free stimulation...


Cock Crazy Dildo

Know a girl that's crazy for cock. Sick of regular fake dicks. Cock Crazy, a crazy style of dildo for those that prefer the unusual. Shaped for g stimulation this 7 inch pleasure penis is 2 inches thick, to satisfy appetites for something a little spicier...


Double Wide Gigadong

Made with firm, flesh coloured PVC it stands 22cm high and is fetishly wide at its widest point at the base. This toy features a strong, suction cup base, and so is free standing...


Duo Fist Dildo

2 Hands are better that 1. This double fisted Dildo will stretch you in ways you never thought possible, with over 13 inches in length and a huge circumference of 10 InchesMade from PVC its flexible but firm and the detail of the knuckles and veins is very realistic. The base i..

Fat Man In A Barrel Butt Plug Out Of Stock

Fat Man In A Barrel Butt Plug

The biggest in the Barrel range. This whopper is 8 inches high and 4 inches at its widest point and is fairly firm, made of PVC...

Fat Man Megadong Flesh Dildo Out Of Stock

Fat Man Megadong Flesh Dildo

When only the biggest will satisfy, you need the Fat Man Megadong. Totally giant sized head measures 2 inches across and tapers down the 8 inch shaft to a whopping 3 inches. Insertable 6 inches. The name speaks for itself. The MEGA sized Megadong is just so big You won't find big..


Foreskin Flippin Good Dildo

The Foreskin Fucking features gentle ridges and ripples of foreskin right down the shaft, and a cute glans poking out at the top Its made with a firm but slightly pliable PVC in a gorgeous flesh colour, and has just a hint of pink along the balls and head...

Frenchy Super Cock Dildo Out Of Stock

Frenchy Super Cock Dildo

The Frenchy Super Cock is an unusual dildo with a nice big head and several interesting textured bumps, which taper down to a slim base. This toy is 8.5 long (7 insertable). It is 1.85 thick around the head (6 around) and tapers down to 1.25 thick at the base (4.25 around)...


Giga Dong

The Gigadong is the biggest dildo we have ever seen. In fact, its mind blowing. It measures almost 9 inch high and a full 4 inch wide along the shaft. But the real beauty of this enormous dildo is its flared head which is wide and smooth. So big it weighs a whopping 1.5KG unpacka..

Jolly Good Giant Out Of Stock

Jolly Good Giant

Heads up for The Jolly Good Giant Dong Whopping sized dildo with a pointed head and no balls base, the Jolly Good Giant will satisfy the fantasies of those that yearn after the largest dildo you can imagine...


Lemonade Butt Plug

If the Funkiest Lemon is not enough for you why don't you try the Lemonade. All 10.5 inches of bubbling fun..


Luxe My Little Heaven Silicone G Spot Dildo

My little heaven is not your conventional dildo. Pretty and ribbon twirl with a great ring handle for easy use. My little heaven is a uniquely shaped G spot stimulator. It is design allows the user to achieve intense orgasms. When product is inserted into vagina and stroked in an..